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The World Bank: Combatting Cybercrime – Tools and capacity building to tackle cybercrime


The «Combatting Cybercrime» programme, initiated by the World Bank, helps developing countries to address cybercrime by better equipping them to handle the policy, legal and criminal justice aspects of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).
By doing so, the project helps developing countries reduce barriers to the development of e-commerce.

At the heart of the programme is an Online Portal – providing emerging economies with:

  • a Toolkit synthesizing best international practices;
  • an Assessment Tool allowing countries to self-evaluate the current capacity to combat cybercrime and identify capacity-building priorities;
  • a Virtual Library of relevant publications.

Along with the online toolkit, a series of in-country assessment have been carried outto pilot-test the applicability and the best use of available tools.

For whom

Policy makers
Law makers
Legal professionals

Services offered

  • Capacity Building
  • Policy Formulation
  • Technical Assistance
  • Research
  • Policy dialogue


  • International organizations
  • National agencies
  • Regional organizations
  • Professional associations
  • Academia

Meet the beneficiaries

The Online Portal – A toolbox for assessment and capacity building to combat cybercrime

The Online Portal «» is the result of a fruitful collaboration of the Korea-World Bank Group Partnership Facility. Aimed at strengthening the capacity of the emerging economies to prevent and combat cybercrime, the portal offers 3 main tools:

  • A Toolkit with a synthesis of good international practice in combatting cybercrime

    Download the Toolkit here
  • An Assessment Tool in an easy-to-download excel format assessment matrix, guiding countries through nine main dimensions to assess their current capacity. The assessment tool includes such areas as Non-legal and legal frameworks, Law system, Jurisdiction, International Partnerships and Cooperation, Capacity Building, etc.

    Download the Assessment Tool here
  • A Virtual Library with materials provided by Project participating organizations and others

    Access the Library here

At the origin of the Online Toolkit – a series of in-country assessment pilots (2015-2016)

Regional Workshop on e-commerce legislation harmonization in the Caribbean

(Port of Spain 30 September 2015)

The objectives of the seminar were:

  • To find out regional & industrial vulnerability, cybercrime’s trends based on the level of development of the countries
  • To provide a practical map for policy making and international cooperation


Some of the challenges that can be encountered in the process are access to limited data and governments’ availability for an in depth analysis.